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[blatt*] // Architectural Drawing and Computational Design

[blatt*] n. (from German * blada-, Greek phýllon * φύλλον, Latin * folium ‘leaf’) ‘Planar, mostly green colored organ of higher plants’ or ‘piece of paper’, ahd. (8th century) | refers to the level of shrinkage of the root expansion treated under bloom too.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" reads one of Arthur C. Clarke's three laws. The digital world is the physical space of dreams of a new type of creator. A digital way in a digital world. It takes you back to the world of the dream, to something that is realized only in the head first and then becomes visible thanks to the capabilities of the computer.

[blatt *] believes in craftsmanship, from its most traditional forms to the most recent applications. At the base of the pyramid there are the ideas and the technique and at the top the product, whatever its nature. Artisans and artists share the same tools, the same methods and the same spaces. Our philosophy is freely inspired by the work of William Morris, the researches of the Bauhaus and those of the Vchutemas. A method that finds its tradition in the history of applied arts.

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