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Time: 3-days

[ask for the time-flexible course]


Students: EUR 250,- (+ VAT)

Professionals: EUR 390,- (+ VAT)

The course

Three-dimensional modeling.
What is it and why?


Building a three-dimensional model means having at the same time all the drawings necessary for the construction: plans, sections, elevations, perspective views. Rhinoceros is the modeling software produced by Robert McNeel & Associates, which allows you to produce geometric shapes starting from geometric entities called NURBS, through which it is possible to accurately define 2D and 3D geometries. However, it is not the only method through which volumes can be built, because in addition to the classic Mesh, already present in the software for some time, modeling has recently been enriched by SubDs, which mix NURBS and Mesh.

The presentation of the interface is the beginning of a path that ends with the creation of a complex three-dimensional model, structured by layer. The in-depth studies include notions of a geometric and mathematical nature that blend with the fundamental design tools: the main geometric entities, transformations, plans, levels, properties, layout.

Rhinoceros is used in the world of architecture, industrial design, naval design, jewelry, automotive design, CAD / CAM, for rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and biomechanics.


The main goal of the course is the control of the building process through the creation of architectural elements.

The program


  • Module 01 - The ground floor

  • Module 02 - Levels

  • Module 03 - The space

  • Module 04 - The facade

  • Module 05 - The context



  • Exercise #1

  • Exercise #2


The course is intended for beginners in three-dimensional modeling and Rhinoceros. No previous experience with the software is required and please indicate with which version you wish to attend the course (for example: version 5, 6 or 7).


  • Students: EUR 250, - (+ VAT, if applicable) (full-time students and university professors get a 50% discount, upon presentation of proof of status)

  • Professionals: EUR 390, - (+ VAT, if applicable)


COMBO special offer:


SURFACE-paradigma or SOLID-rules [Rhinoceros + Grasshopper]

For both courses:


  • Students: EUR 450, - (+ VAT, if applicable)

  • Professionals: EUR 720, - (+ VAT, if applicable)


Please note that your seat is only confirmed once payment has been approved.


Course date

You can choose to attend the course on the set dates or ask for the "Flexible-mode" dates. Write to us to tell us when you want to take the course.

Course languages

English, German, Italian


Nicola Violano

ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) and BIM-Coordinator (buildingSMART)

Nicola Violano (1989) is an architect and independent researcher based in Berlin.

Member of Stone Academy since 2013, he combines professional work in Italy with personal study on algorithmic design, concentrating on the link between stone as material and new design technologies.


Algorithms-Aided Design and CNC milling (Computer numerical control) are some of the methods he uses in his work. Recognized as technical experts, he is BIM-Coordinator, officially registered in the buildingSMART Professional Certification - Foundation Registry (German Chapter) and in the McNeel Authorized Rhino Trainers (ART) list.


He is author of several articles and the material produced in recent years, relating to the research areas explored, is collected in journals and in publications edited by other authors.


His works have been presented at the Biennale di Venezia, Marmomacc (International Natural Stones, Design & Technology Exhibition), EXPO Universal Exposition Milano and many others.

Please, let us know if you have any questions.

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