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Who can attend a [blatt*] class?


Every adult individual over 18 years of age around the world, who is interested in what the classes offer.



What are the languages of the classes?


There is the possibility of choosing among three languages: English, German, Italian.



How can I attend a [blatt*] class?


Choose your Class in the Classes section and then click Enroll on the page. You have only to fill the form or to send an email with your request. You will receive instructions for the payment and activation of the course.



How can I pay the class fee?


After your enrolling you will receive the details for the payment. You have two methods: PayPal or Bank transfer. Please note that your seat is only confirmed once payment has been approved.



Will I get an invoice?


We will send you the invoice as soon as your payment has been received.



How does it work the refund policy?


Should you be unable to take a class, you can change the dates or cancel the course entirely, with the deduction of 20% of the amount paid (the remaining 80% will be returned).



I have payed and I got the invoice. What now?


You will receive a confirmation for the activation of the course and more details.



Which software do I need to access the [blatt*] class?


We use Teams to connect our screens. For more instructions to download the software, please visit

If you don’t want to install it, don’t worry, write to us and we will send you a “guest-link” for the class.



Are the courses recorded?


No, due to data protection policy we don’t record the screen and we kindly ask you to do the same.



How can I submit the class exercises?


During the course you will have time to do it and to discuss it with your tutor.



Are there course materials?


Yes, after the activation of the course you will receive the “start-pack” with useful materials for your [blatt*]. class. 



What if i can't attend the class for once?


Everything is fine! If you choose the “Flexible-mode”, you can always you can agree with your tutor for a new date and a new time.

If you enroll a “Regular-class” and you miss the lesson for once, the tutor will send you a summary and the exercise without problem.



How long does a course last?


Each course could be different. Please check the details on the classes page on the website.



How does a class work?


Each class is a live session. The course tutor will share with you the PC screen, so that you can follow his work as with a blackboard being able to work simultaneously on your computer.

If something is not clear, please let the tutor know, who will answer all your questions. In case you want to show your screen, you can do it without any problems. With this method, the tutor will be able to adapt the answer to your specific needs.



How can I leave feedback about a course?


Your feedback is always welcome so that we can improve our lessons. You can fill the feedback form, that you will receive at the end of a class.



Will I receive a certificate at the end of a class?


Yes, the Rhinoceros and Grasshopper courses certificate at [blatt*] are signed by our Authorized Rhino Trainer.


Please, let us know if you have any questions.

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